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About Active Faith 

The Active Faith Podcast Network is here to help learn and grow as we build a theology of self-care together. Learning how we care for ourselves, so that we are in better mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical places to be able to serve as disciples of God’s Kingdom.

Andrew Ware started the podcast in response to a period of vocational burnout he experienced as a pastor during the COVID19 Pandemic. Through podcast conversations, and expanding to written blog writing and video content the Active Faith Network seeks to tell the stories of how we can learn and grow together to be better, caring versions of ourselves.

The Great Commandment calls us to “Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” It is important for us to love and care for ourselves, so that we are able to live into the other parts of those commandments. Loving and caring for ourselves helps to put us in the right mental, spiritual, and physical presence to help others. Active Faith helps us explore this nature as live out our lives and vocations. 

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