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Where faith meets an active lifestyle. I am helping you to build a theology of self-care. We care for ourselves so that we may care for others.

Our Goals and Vision

My goal is to help you build a theology of self-care. In general, I am doing this by sharing stories and inspiration that help us to realize we can not serve from an empty cup. Rather we must fill ourselves in order to help fill others.

We learn in scripture that Jesus calls us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” This opens our minds that it can be hard to truly love our neighbor if we have not learned how to love and care for ourselves. I use physical activity, and our participation in it, to help develop a self- care theology, and care for ourselves.

In doing so, I hope to be a point of encouragement and support as you discover ways you can care for yourself to help in the ways you can care for others.

Our Story

The Global COVID19 Pandemic highlighted many ways in which we have not always taken our self-care seriously. Burnout is one of the biggest threats to our ability to live out God’s purpose in our life and vocation.

In 2021 I started a Facebook Group to connect church clergy and lay leaders to encourage and support one another as they cared for themselves in an active lifestyle, especially as we collectively navigated the pandemic. In doing so, I saw many persons share stories of how this focus transitioned their mindset as they conitinued to live out their callings. In response to those who shared, I wanted to highlight many of the stories and lessons from that group to help others, both in the church and beyond, learn about self-care.

My prayer is that these stories will hopefully help you learn about how others care for themselves, and how you can begin to build a self-care routine in your own life, ministry, and vocation. 

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Meet The Host

Andrew Ware

Andrew Ware

Host - The RunninRev

Andrew is the host of the Active Faith Podcast, and is a pastor in the United Methodist Church serving Beech Grove UMC in Suffolk, Va. More importantly, he is a husband to the most amazing wife and father to two awesome kids. Notably, Andrew loves to run, and because of this, more often than not, you can find him on the road logging miles.

As a pastor he is an advocate for clergy health and helping clergy avoid burnout. Equally important, Andrew leads churches to recognize their roles in God’s Kingdom as beacons of hope and grace in the world.

While growing as both a pastor and runner Andrew has sought to use his gifts and knowledge to help others in their self-care journeys. Therefore, this platform serves to help others as the seek to avoid burnout no matter what their vocation is.


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