Brian Lamb

by Andrew Ware

Brian is a 2018 graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Divinity. Following Seminary, he served as a licensed local pastor in the Virginia Annual Conference. He served churches in Albemarle County, Virginia for 14 months until coming out as gay and being forced to surrender his clergy credentials. Presently he and his husband reside in Ladysmith Virginia. Both are teachers in Spotsylvania County. Brian teaches Business Education at his alma mater, Courtland High School

Brian Lamb has had an up-and-down journey of self-care, and the more he has learned about himself, the better he has been able to focus on his own care and has enhanced his relationship with others. Join this conversation to hear about Brian’s journey, where he is today, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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Andrew Ware

Andrew is a pastor in the United Methodist Church serving Beech Grove UMC in Suffolk, Va. He is a husband to the most amazing wife and father to two amazing kids. I love to run and get active and I am a big advocate for self-care in whatever form helps you to care for yourself.


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