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Episode 51

Published on:

7th Oct 2022

Andy Wells

Andy Wells is the author of "Tried to Be Straight: Options for Gay Christians." He holds a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. Andy’s education, coupled with his life experience struggling to reconcile his faith and sexuality, lend credibility to his writing.

Andy’s passion for the topics of sexuality and faith come from his struggle with self-acceptance. He knows the frustration of living as a secretly gay man and a publicly born-again Christian. Finding a solution that works without having to abandon one’s faith is Andy’s desire in helping others facing the same dilemma.

Andy and I talk about what self-worth and what it has looked like throughout his journey. Andy’s journey is one of understanding himself deeper, and growing through faith to find community that invites him to live into who he truly feels God has created him to be.

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