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Episode 63

Published on:

31st Mar 2023

Go-to Rituals

We all have bad days (it is an unfortunate fact of life). However, a good sense of self-care knows what we inherently need when our mental state is at its worst. Yes, it takes training and understanding to get there, but it is important to know and understand how we can respond in tough situations when we are drained, tired, or on edge.

In this episode, we look over what I call “go-to rituals” for self-care. That is where do we go when we have had a tough day? What can we do to begin to get ourselves in a better mental and emotional state as we know the need might be there to bounce back the next day?

Let me know what your rituals are, and don’t forget to help out with next week’s podcast topic:

What is a self-care boundary you maintain in your life?

Email or message me your answers/input as I unpack them in the next episode.

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