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Episode 54

Published on:

4th Nov 2022

Leigh-Anne Taylor

Leigh Anne Taylor walks alongside her husband Hugh and their combined 5 children and 4 grandchildren as a blessed "LaLa" and alongside the clergy and churches of the Mountain View District in south central Virginia as Director of Connecting Ministries. She loves learning about the Enneagram of the Soul and spiritual practices, a walk in the woods, being sous chef to her husband, a ride with the top down, and yoga.

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Active Faith Podcast
Building a theology of self-care together
In the Great Commandment, we hear Jesus call us to not only love God but to also love our neighbors as ourselves. This podcast is about the “as ourselves” part, as we learn what it means to care for ourselves in a holistic way that opens our spirits to more fully care for all of creation.
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I began running when I was a kid. My mom says I went straight from crawling to running. However, I have been over a lot of hurdles to get to this point, and I would be nowhere without several communities to help me get here.
I am also a pastor in the United Methodist Church, and I have used my passion for creating loving and caring communities to help share God’s grace.