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Episode 68

Published on:

28th Aug 2023

Restoring the Image - Monday Meditation

An offering of the RunninRev in the Active Faith Podcast

Check out every Monday for a short devotion/meditation focusing on scripture and self-care.

This week I reflect on Ezekiel 37:1-14, the restoring of the dry bones, and our own restoration. Continuing the theme of self-worth, and where we place our self-worth, let us look towards God.

You can find the transcript of this devotion, with the scripture by clicking here

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In the Great Commandment, we hear Jesus call us to not only love God but to also love our neighbors as ourselves. This podcast is about the “as ourselves” part, as we learn what it means to care for ourselves in a holistic way that opens our spirits to more fully care for all of creation.
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